Lille Huset? To me, it is a philosophy, it's about living small, 
elegant simplicity, and loving everything in your home. 

The Lille Huset philosophy came from my home in Chicago. Having returned to my roots after a generation away, I discovered that my Norwegian great grandparents were married in a house not far from where I was living in the traditionally Norwegian neighborhood of Logan Square. It was in this little neighborhood that we bought and renovated our first "lille huset." My company and story was born from there.

My fabrics and designs are influenced by my Norwegian half, being elegantly simple, and my Italian half, with warmth of tradition and embedded meaning. I find great inspiration in the richness of neighborhoods and the idea of loving everything in your home. All that I have designed over the years is a result of this philosophy that I have created around my company. As a designer, I search for the best high quality materials, that I would want to use everyday and embedded in all of the designs, you will find a story, giving meaning to the items you bring into your home. 

All of the products are 100% made in the USA and designed by Alyson Beaton. You can read more about my philosophy here


Alyson Beaton found her passion to create goods designed for the home when she was traveling through Europe. As an architecture student she would go on pilgrimages to discover some of the greatest architecture in the world. It was on one of these trips that she found herself walking up the most beautiful countryside in France to discover her trip was in vain, realizing that the best architecture in the world, are the houses real people live in and love. She began her collection with her lille huset city dollhouses created for children to have a home to make their own, celebrating the idea of spreading design through play. Her newest endeavor has led her to create designs inspired by cities and hand make the home goods and accessories sold in her shop. 









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